A Flow Painting series

We create flow paintings according to your texture, color and size requirements. Flow paintings are available in all size and custom wooden frames.  You can also select final finishing  of your painting like matt or glossy. To make your home more beautiful with these amazing paintings. 

"Let the color flow" - Painting Series
"Beauty of Landscape" - Painting series


A Classic Painting series

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”

Some of the amazing landscape which will bring positive vibe to your home/office and make you calm. You can choose it from our collection or bring your own favorite places to your home. All custom size are available.


A Unique Painting series

In Vastu shastra, clearly defined that keeping painting of nature in your place brings positivity, calmness and energy. And with the traditional natural paintings your modern interior look will be compromised. So with keeping in mind both the things, we created these paintings. Using natural elements we create some amazing paintings which will bring texture of nature into your place without any compromise with your modern interior look.

This is the series where we create paintings only on request bases where we discuss what elements you like which color, texture, size, shape etc. is suitable accordingly we provide suggestion and based on that we create painting customized for your space.

"Texture of Nature" - Painting series
"Abstract" - Painting series


A Modern Painting series

This is where we use shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Which will bring attention of everyone and enhance beauty of any space. All custom size are available.


A Fineliner sketch series

This is something that makes its own identity when you decorate your home with it. It’s more fascinating when people realize that it created by DOTS only. This series also based on requests which means according to your requirement we create it. You can customize size of the sketch as per your requirement.

"Stippling Art" - Painting Series

Customised painting

Painting of Your Choice

A fully customizable painting of your choice. Where you can select the dimensions and frame type of your painting. And upload an image from where we can create either a similar painting or take a few elements which you like and create the masterpiece for you. You can also add instruction for us as well. Get an estimate by selecting the below parameters.

Customized Painting - Acrylic painting
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